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 Chefs from some of Monterey Bay’s most well-known restaurants are turning up the heat right in the middle of the harvest on four upcoming episodes of Bringing It Home with Laura McIntosh™, a reality-based cooking show, which airs on television stations throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.  Over the course of two days, host Laura McIntosh welcomes chefs from all over the Monterey Bay, from Carmel to Santa Cruz, to prepare simple, flavorful recipes with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Mixing up some magic on our traveling kitchen set are Executive Chefs James Waller of the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa, Robert Mancuso of the Sardine Factory, Bunyan Fortune of the peaceful Terrace Café at the La Playa Hotel in Carmel, and Corporate Chef Angelo Corvino, culinary expert for local mushroom supplier Monterey Mushrooms!  All four shows filmed in Salinas will air on all six of our broadcast stations throughout the month of September! Straight from the source, join us on Tuesday, August 17, and Wednesday, August 18, as these fabulous chefs use the freshest ingredients to teach us how to cook quick, easy and healthy dishes right in our own homes.

Bringing it Home to the Monterey Bay”

Filming will take place at Tanimura and Antle’s abundant fields of Romaine Hearts in Salinas, California, where the Bringing it Home™ kitchen set is equipped and ready to sauté, simmer and flame-broil each chef’s fresh and delicious creations.  With growing regions in Salinas, Huron, and Oxnard, CA and Yuma, AZ, Tanimura & Antle is today’s largest independent lettuce grower/distributor in the United States. Started in 1982 by two families with over 50 years of mutual friendship and respect, the operation was formed based on a strong goal: " meet all challenges and opportunities as the industry leader in quality, innovation, and grower, customer and employee relations." T&A's integrity remains strong to this day, upheld by industry leaders who truly care about their product, their customers and their company.  

As Corporate Chef for Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. for the past few years, Angelo Corvino certainly knows his mushrooms. And with Italian roots, get ready to take a culinary journey to Old Italy, with Chef Angelo preparing traditional dishes, such as Beef Braciola and Italian Stuffed Mushrooms.  Combining Pignoli nuts, black currants, fresh Italian parsley and basil leaves with the woodsy taste of mushrooms, Chef Angelo recreates the savory tastes of the Old World with his Old World Italian recipes

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc, is the largest grower/shipper and marketer of fresh mushrooms in the United States. Established in 1971 as a single farm operation, Monterey has grown to an international, multi-facility company. One of their Multi-Site Fresh Operation Farms is located in Royal Oaks, CA not far from our Salinas, CA filming location, so we’ll visit the facility to get the inside scoop on the whole mushroom operation.

Bringing it Home to the Monterey Bay"

Next in the kitchen will be Executive Chef Bunyan Fortune, master of his domain at the Terrace Grill inside the La Playa Hotel in Carmel. Chef Bunyan will be cooking with Tanimura and Antle’s fresh hearts of Romaine lettuce growing all around him on the Bringing it Home™ kitchen set. From the menu at Terrace Grill, Chef Bunyan offers us a taste of the Provincial California Meatloaf, mixed Mediterranean –style with pancetta and Asiago Cheese. Then, he keeps it trendy with a low-carb offering of his creation, the Spring Roll Taco Salad, made with protein-rich Moran’s lean ground beef and crisp hearts of Romaine. These recipes are perfect examples of dishes that have been prepared with fresh, seasonal, quality ingredients, and are still simple to prepare.

Then, in honor of Mexico’s Declaration of Independence on September 15, we’re mixing up a culture-rich recipe with Executive Chef Robert Mancuso from the famous Monterey Bay restaurant - The Sardine Factory.  With fresh red snapper from the nearby Pacific and some flavorful Mexican spices, Chef Robert prepares Chilled Seafood Ceviche, packed with fresh bell peppers, and crispy onions. Chef Robert will also teach us how to make a French Onion Tart, mixing the rich tastes of Swiss and Parmesan cheeses with sweet onions and complimenting the dish with Balsamic-soaked fresh figs. 

Onions, Etc., a shipper/packer of quality, farm fresh produce to the marketplace 365 days a year, brings us huge, blooming onions to incorporate into Chef Robert’s delicious recipes.  Onions, Etc. strives to bring its customers back to “the old days,” when produce was hand-delivered from the farmers to their friends and neighbors.  The company’s Homegrown Goodness™ program, creates a community of consumers who are able to learn where their food was grown and the specific farmer who grew that food, and even offers recipe ideas for incorporating these products into everyday cooking.

Bringing it Home to the Monterey Bay”

From the favorite restaurant of locals, The Duck Club, at the oceanside Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa, Executive Chef James Waller joins us to prepare some recipe with the ordinarily plain potato.  Chef James is an expert and making the ordinary into the extraordinary. As Executive Chef role for the entire hotel since May of 1997, Chef James’ reign has produced fresh, contemporary dishes that make innovative use of Monterey's agricultural and aquatic bounty while harmoniously blending traditional and new styles of cuisine.  His simple, yet elegant cuisine entices visitors and locals alike to keep returning to the hotel’s two restaurants.  Chef James will prepare the baked potato as you’ve never seen it before, alongside his signature steak dish, and incorporated into one of the restaurant’s most popular fresh seafood recipes.

Farm Fresh Direct has created a new package for its potato product, the Express Bake™ PotatOH!™ The new product is cleaned in a double washing process, using brushes and a high-pressure spray, which ensures the PotatOH!s are clean and ready to be microwaved.  The new packaging keeps the potato moist and makes it possible to bake the potato in the microwave with light and fluffy, oven-baked cooking results.

From potatoes to onions, lettuce to mushrooms, we’ve got an abundance of agriculture growing right in the heart of the Salinas Valley!  With the area’s finest gourmet chefs out here in the middle of the fields to help us cook it all up, we’re sure to succeed in preparing some fantastic, healthy food while having tons of fun! Laura McIntosh hosts a two-day affair of food, fun and freshness!

Bringing it Home to the Monterey Bay”

Join us each week on Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh™, as we explore the seasonal produce popping up all over California’s bountiful land, and show you where it comes from, who grows it, and what to do with it when you bring it home! With almost a year of shows in the bag and many more delicious episodes to come, Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh™ is a reality-based series showing real people making real food in real places. 

Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh™ airs weekly on network affiliates in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas markets.  Bringing it Home™ is a traveling cooking show that sets its stage where the commodity of choice is at its peak of freshness. From the hilltops of vast wine country vineyards to the sandy shores at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, the team at M. Entertainment stops at nothing to bring the freshness home to the kitchen.  Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh™ brings agriculture to the forefront using only the freshest produce to create seasonal specialties.

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